Eliah de Maria

CV Summary

Bachelor Degree in Physics from University of Brasília – UnB (1996), a Master’ Degree in Space Geophysics from Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE (1999), the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, and Ph.D. Degree in Physics from University of Alaska Fairbanks – UAF (2003). Permanent position as a Research Scientist, Federal Civil Servant, at INPE since 2002, and collaborates with universities and research institutions in Argentina, Peru, United States, Europe and Israel. In 2005 created, and in 2012 officially established the Atmospheric and Space Electrodynamical Coupling – ACATMOS group, with research focus on Transient Luminous Events – TLEs, Lightning, Thunderstorm Systems, High Energy Emissions from Thunderstorms – HEET, and coupling of the atmospheric layers and Near-Earth Space, leading the group since then. Reviewer for 3 international scientific journals and 2 Brazilian funding agencies. Has 23 published scientific articles with more than 800 citations, has more than 90 papers presented at international scientific conferences, and scientific impact index H = 13 (google scholar). Has organized 15 sessions in international scientific conferences and participated of the organizing committee of 3 of these conferences. Has served as advisor for 8 undergraduate students doing Scientific Initiation projects, for 5 Master’s students, and for the work project of 11 professionals with Bachelor and Master Degrees. Is currently advising 2 Post-Docs, and one Scientific Initiation undergraduate student. Has taught the ‘Electrodynamics’ graduate course at INPE since 2006. Has served in 11 Doctorate/Masters final examination and 9 other examination committees. In 2004 won the prize: “First Prize at the URSI 2004 Student Paper Prize Competition”, International Union of Radio Science- URSI, with the work performed during the PhD. From 2010 to 2013 and 2015-2018 received the award Level 2 Research Productivity CNPq Fellow. Has scientific expertise in TLEs, HEETs, Middle and Upper Atmosphere Physics, Aerosols, Plasma Physics, Atmospheric Electricity, Electrodynamics and Meteorology.

Due to a natural desire to help others, particularly children, since 1992 has been performing different types of volunteer work, such as taking food and clothes to homeless people, and visiting orphanages and elderly homes in every place where resided. In 2003 started experimenting different holistic and complementary health care practices, and in 2008 started to get education in these practices. Is certified as Level 1-3 Reiki Practitioner (2008), Magnified Healing® 1st – 3rd Phase Practitioner and Master-Teacher (2011-2019), Frequencies of Brilliance Practitioner Levels 1-24 and 29-37 (2011-2016, 2019), Manna Teacher (2011),  Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and Karuna Reiki Practitioner (2019). Has experienced such a deep healing transformation with Frequencies of Brilliance, that in 2011 has decided to rent a commercial room and open an office to professionally treat clients with this and all other holistic therapies in which was trained. In 2012 started teaching Magnified Healing and in 2014 started teaching Manna. Since 2008 has also been giving free volunteer Reiki treatment for people in need, and nowadays has expanded this practice to include Magnified Healing and Frequencies of Brilliance.       


  • Understands: Portuguese (Native), English (Fluently), Spanish (Fluently)
  • Speaks: Portuguese (Native), English (Fluently), Spanish (Very well
  • Reads: Portuguese (Native), English (Fluently), Spanish (Very well)
  • Writes: Portuguese (Native), English (Fluently), Spanish (Some)


  • 1999 –2003       Ph.D. in Physics at University of Alaska Fairbanks – UAF
  • 1997 – 1999      M.S. in Space Geophysics at National Institute for Space Research – INPE
  • 1992 – 1996      B.S. in Physics at University of Brasília –UnB


  • XI EBFP – Brazilian Plasma Physics Meeting, Brazilian Physics Society, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 2011.
  • AGU Chapman Conference on Effects of Thunderstorms and Lightning in the Upper Atmosphere, American Geophysical Union – AGU, State College, USA, 2009.
  • VII COLAGE – Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics, Atibaia, Brazil, 2004.


  • XIV International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011. Session “Effects of Thunderstorms on the Middle and Upper Atmosphere”, with Dr. Serge Soula, Laboratoire d’Aérologie, Université de Toulouse.
  • XI EBFP – Brazilian Plasma Physics Meeting, 2011 Physics Meeting, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 2011. Session “Symposia II: Space Plasmas”.
  • The Meeting of the Americas, American Geophysical Union – AGU, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 2010. Session “Electrodynamical Coupling of the Atmospheric System due to Thunderstorm Electrical Activity (SA05)”, with Dr. Davis Daniel Sentman, University of Alaska Fairbanks, EUA.
  • IAGA  2009 Assembly, International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy – IAGA , Sopron, Austria, 2009. Session “Electrodynamical coupling from the troposphere to the magnetosphere related to thunderstorm electrical activity (II01)”, with Dr. Colin Price, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel, Dr. Elizabeth Blanc, Comissariat et Energie Atomic (CEA), France, and Dr. Gabriela Satori, Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute, Sopron, Austria.


  • Villalobos, C. H.; Bueno Rogerio, R. J.; São Sabbas, E. F. T., Type-4 spinors: transmuting from Elko to single-helicity spinors, European Physical Journal C, 79:308, https://doi.org/10.1140/epjc/s10052-019-6832-2, 2019.
  • da Silva, C.L. and F.T. São Sabbas, Consequences of the application of the streamer fluid model to the study of the sprite inception mechanism, Adv. in Space Research, ., v. 51 (10), p. 1902-1915, doi: 10.1016/j.asr.2012.11.025, 2013.
  • São Sabbas, F. T., M. J. Taylor, P.D. Pautet, M. Bailey, S. Cummer, R. R. Azambuja, J. P. C. Santiago, J. N. Thomas, O. Pinto, N. N. Solorzano, N. J. Schuch, S. R. Freitas, N. J. Ferreira, and J. C. Conforte. Observations of prolific transient luminous event production above a mesoscale convective system in Argentina during the Sprite2006 Campaign in Brazil, J. Geophys. Res., 115, A00E58, doi:10.1029/2009JA014857, 2010.
  • Fritts, D. C., M. A. Abdu, B. R. Batista, I. S. Batista, P. P. Batista, R. Buriti, B. R. Clemesha, T. Dautermann,E. de Paula, B. J. Fechine, B. Fejer, D. Gobbi, J. Haase, F. Kamalabadi, E. A. Kherani, B. Laughman, P. P. Lima, H.-L. Liu, A. Medeiros, D. Pautet, F. São Sabbas, J. H. A. Sobral, P. Stamus, H. Takahashi, M. J. Taylor, S. L. Vadas, F. Vargas, and C. Wrasse, 2008c: Overview and summary of the Spread F Experiment (SpreadFEx), Ann. Geophys., v.27, p.2141 – 2155, 2009.
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  • São Sabbas, F.T.; Sentman, D.D.; Wescott, E.M.; Pinto Jr., O.; Mendes Jr., O.; Taylor, M.J. Statistical Analysis of Space-Time Relationships Between Sprites and Lightning, J. Atmos.  Solar-Terr. Phys, v. 65, n. 5, p. 525-536, 2003.
  • Stenbaek-Nielsen, H.C., D.R. Moudry, E.M. Wescott, D.D. Sentman and F.T. São Sabbas, Sprites and Possible Mesospheric Effects, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 23, 3829-3832, 2000.


  • São Sabbas, F.T., Souza, J.R., Resende L.C.A., Silva, A.L.G., The Importance of LEONA in South America and FAIRIES’ Effects in the Ionosphere, 1st Science and Innovation with Thunderstorms (SAINT) Summer School, Barcelona, Spain, 2018.
  • São Sabbas, F.T., A Tribute to Dave Sentman, First Thunderstorm Effects on the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System (TEA-IS) Summer School, Málaga, Spain, 2012.
  • São Sabbas, F.T., Collaborative Network for observation of Transient Luminous Events, in Brazil and Whole Latin America, 13th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA 13), Paracas, Peru, 2012.
  • São Sabbas, F.T., Atmospheric Electrodynamics, IX COLAGE – Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, 2011.
  • São Sabbas, F.T. History and Future of Transient Luminous Event Research in South America, ISUAL 2009 Conference on the Perspectives of TLE and Atmospheric Luminance Researches, Tainan, Taiwan, 2009.
  • São Sabbas, F.T. DEELUMINOS Project and Future of Transient Luminous Research in South America, Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 2009.
  • São Sabbas, F.T. Role of Conductivity Spatial Structure In Determining the Locations of Sprite Initiation, Danish Space Research Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2003.
  • São Sabbas, F.T., Sentman, D.D., Taylor, M.J., Wescott, E.M., Statistical Analysis of Space-time Relationships Between Sprites and Lightning, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA, 2001.


  • 2008 Reiki Practitioner, Levels 1 to 3 (highest) (http://www.reiki.org/).
    • Training Duration: Levels 1 and 2, 14 h; Level 3, 17 h.
    • Organization: Casa do Reiki Consciente (https://casadoreikiconsciente.com/)
    • Master: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close
    • Summary: Reiki is defined by the USA National Institute of Health Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) as a complementary health practice in which practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the         person, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. It is recognized by the by the World Health Organization –WHO, and by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, as a complementary health practice. Reiki Therapy is recognized as an isolated profession by the Brazilian Ministry of Work,  and is part of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS). Reiki is a Harmonization path that facilitates health, well-being, pace and balance. It allows us to follow the healthy development of the experience of living. The therapists are trained to treat themselves and others with Reiki.
  • April 2011 Magnified Healing®, 1st Phase: Practitioner and Master-Teacher (http://www.magnifiedhealing.com/).
    • Training Duration: 14 h
    • Organization: Casa do Reiki Consciente (https://casadoreikiconsciente.com/)
    • Teacher: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close
    • Summary: Magnified Healing® is a complimentary health practice in which the practitioners use hand imposition to facilitate the person’s own healing response. It focus on the heart, to stimulate connection with the person’s own Love, Wisdom and Power, and on the spine to stimulate Calcium production. It creates a conscious connection with the Higher Self and promotes grounding. It is a complimentary health practice in many Brazilian hospitals. The therapists are trained to treat themselves and others, as well as teach Magnified Healing.
  • 2011 – 2019 Frequencies of Brilliance Practitioner, levels 1-24, 29-37 (the highest is 52nd) (http://www.frequenciesofbrilliance.com/).
    • Training Duration: Residential courses, 8-9 h of work per day, 14-4 days depending on the level.
    • Organization: Frequências de Brilho Brasil (http://frequenciasdebrilho.com.br/)
    • Teachers: Miklos Burger (levels 1-3), Efren Solanas (levels 1-7), Arna Leshem (levels 2-7), Joyce Browning (levels 8-9), Christine Day (levels 8-29), Founder of FoB, and Alisa Logan (levels 8-24). 
    • Summary: Frequencies of Brilliance is a fairly new complimentary health practice to facilitate our own healing response. The technique involves a precise method of light touch in sequential patterns of various points on the body that work within all the cells and entire nervous system in order to allows us to let go of limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviors that have created tension, pain, and illness in our lives. It activates our unlimited potential for living, loving and healing ourselves. It bypasses the Ego mind to connect to the Higher Self. Therapists are trained to treat others with Frequencies of Brilliance, and in the process are also treated, due to the principle of Oneness. The training courses are deeply transformative.
  • 2011  Manna Teacher, level 1 (the highest is 2nd) (http://www.frequenciesofbrilliance.com/).
    • Training Duration: Residential courses, 7-9 h of work per day. Level 1: 17 days with 2 break of 1.5 day.
    • Organization: Frequências de Brilho Brasil (http://frequenciasdebrilho.com.br/)
    • Teachers: Christine Day and Alisa Logan.
    • Summary: The Manna Teacher course is part of Frequencies of Brilliance. The therapists are trained to teach others how to remember how to produce Manna, energetic nutrition, and nurture themselves with it in all aspects, as they learn in the Frequencies of Brilliance Level 3 course.            
  • June 2012 Magnified Healing®, 2nd Phase: Practitioner and Teacher-Director of Celebration (http://www.magnifiedhealing.com/).
    • Training Duration: 9 h;
    • Organization: Portal Alnilam (http://www.portalalnilam.com.br/)
    • Reverend-Teacher: Maria Tereza Marinho Carneiro da Cunha
    • Summary: The 1st Phase therapists are trained to work as a team to treat a group of persons with Magnified Healing®, including each other, during the event named Celebration, and are trained to direct Celebrations. The training ends with the Celebration event, which is free of charge for the attendees. There were more 60 therapists, and more than 170 attendees, which means that more than 240 treatments were performed during this training. 
  • October 2012    Magnified Healing®, 3rd Phase: Practitioner of Light Healing (http://www.magnifiedhealing.com/).
    • Training Duration: 20 h;
    • Organization: Portal Alnilam (http://www.portalalnilam.com.
    •   Reverend-Teacher: Maria Tereza Marinho Carneiro da Cunha
    • Summary: The 2nd Phase therapists are trained to treat themselves and others using the most advanced level of Magnified Healing®, named Light Healing. This training ended with practical treatment of 12 people, free of charge.
  • 2013 – 2017 All-Love Brazilian Workshop (https://www.all-love.com/welcome).
    • Training Duration: 3 workshops of 32 h each;
    • Organization: Casa do Reiki Consciente (https://casadoreikiconsciente.com/) e Portal Alnilam (http://www.portalalnilam.com.br/)
    • Teacher: Patrick Zeigler
    • Summary: A training to embrace our feelings as a way of being Present, knowing our Self and transforming our life. It creates a path to reconnect with Source, the Higher Self and our inner world.
  • 2015 and 2017 Affiliate Program of the Embassy of Peace (https://www.embassyofpeace.net/).
    • Training Duration: 40 h;
    • Organization: Jasmuheen – Embassy of Peace (https://www.jasmuheen.com/)
    • Teacher: Jasmuheen
    • Summary: A training to live and teach the Luscious Lifestyles Program involving Meditation, Prayer, Mind Mastery, A Light Vegetarian Diet, Treating the Body as a Temple, Selfless Service, Silence in Nature, Listening and Singing Sacred Music, for Health Happiness and Harmony, and the Pathways of Peace Program.
  • April 2018 Magnified Healing®, 3rd Phase: Master-Teacher Training (http://www.magnifiedhealing.com/).
    • Training Duration: 40 h;
    • Organization: Magnified Healing®
    • Reverend-Teacher and Co-Founder: Gisele King
    • Summary: The 3nd Phase therapists are trained teach the most advanced level of Magnified Healing®, named Light Healing.
  • April 2019 Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki Practitioner.
    • Training Duration: 17 h.
    • Organization: Casa do Reiki Consciente (https://casadoreikiconsciente.com/)
    • Master: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close
    • Summary: It is a modality of Reiki that include ancient Egyptian techniques.
  • May 2019 Karuna® Reiki Practitioner.Training Duration: 17 h.
    Organization: Casa do Reiki Consciente (https://casadoreikiconsciente.com/)
    • Master: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close
    • Summary: It is a modality of Reiki that include Karuna® symbols.